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  1. Watson Chapter 8: 唐 代 詩 人 2 ﹕ 韓 愈 ﹐ 白 居 易 ﹐ 寒 山 Major T'ang Poets 2: Han Yu, Po Chu-i, Han-shan

    jiang1 nan2 han4 衢 州 人 食 人 qu2 zhou1 ren2 shi2 ren2 p.247 五 言 古 詩 Five-character-old-style poem ... chang2 an1 mo4 不 知 今 夜 月 bu4 zhi1 jin1 ye4 yue4 又 作 誰 家 客 you4 zuo4 shui2 jia1 ke4 p.247 ...

    cdc9y - 03/25/2013 - 16:15

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    Keep up with all announcements by liking us on Facebook! (Embedded links in some of the announcements are not active; type the links into a browser to access them.) Morgan Stanley: 2017 Summer Analyst Recruiting Learn about the Summer Analyst Opportunitie ...

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