Julia Thies


I graduated from Virginia in 2004 with a degree in Finance and International Business from the McIntire School of Commerce and a minor in Bioethics from the College of Arts and Sciences. I loved the variety of experience that my course of study afforded me; I had the ability to, in one afternoon, transition from an international finance class to a philosophy debate at the Law School on the origins of rights. The Bioethics program allowed me access to a wonderful collection of classes that span across many disciplines and schools.

During college, I spent a summer working with the World Health Organization and the NHS in the UK learning about international policy and ethics and another summer writing for the international edition of Forbes magazine. Today, I analyze healthcare technology and pharmaceutical services stocks for an investment bank in New York. My most valuable resources include the text of the Medicare Modernization Act, updates from HHS and CMS and a general understanding of the 'healthcare value chain'.

The heated conversations in my office are just as often about what level of quality we can ensure all Americans as it is about operating margins and earnings per share. My experience in the Bioethics program has given me a unique perspective on healthcare as an industry and will continue to shape my work in the finance world.