Ben Krohmal


I am currently in a two year fellowship at the Department of Clinical Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health - which I've been known to describe as "bioethics fantasy camp." Camp activities include serving on the Clinical Center Ethics Committee, clinical rounds, participating with the NIDA IRB, training to lead ethics consultations, and a research ethics course and bioethics seminar series which each week brings in some of the great minds in bioethics - like John Arras. Research-wise, I'm working on a number of issues relating to phase I oncology research, economic tiering in access to healthcare, research on human biological samples, and altruism in research participants. 

I majored in biology and philosophy at UVA. My courses with John Arras and Jim Childress, and the bioethics internship seminar with Margaret Mohrman have provided invaluable preparation and allowed me to hit the ground running with my current work. UVA's bioethics program is recognized as one of the very top programs in the country for the quality of its faculty.

More important to my experience than being taught by big names in the field though are the professors' commitment to teaching and interest in their students both in and out of class - from lasagna dinners to chats on the Downtown Mall to guidance finding the perfect volunteer opportunity, internship, fellowship, job, or, in my case, fantasy camp.