Lauren Collogan


I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2002 as an Echols Major in bioethics. I created my own major, and I focused mainly on bioethics, political philosophy, and religious studies. My studies in these areas led me to pursue a position in bioethics after graduation. As a result, I worked as a research assistant and a program officer in the Center for Urban Bioethics at The New York Academy of Medicine in New York City.

During my time at the Academy, I conducted research focused mainly on research ethics and adolescent consent issues. This research led to the publication of several papers and book chapters. I also worked on grant proposals for projects involving medical education and palliative care. I collaborated with a number of bioethicists, health care providers, attorneys, and other professionals interested in these topics. After two productive years at the Academy, I left to attend law school at Columbia University , where I am currently finishing my first year.

The bioethics program at UVA was incredibly helpful in preparing me for my subsequent work in bioethics and for law school. Learning to argue multiple sides of difficult, often emotionally charged issues has been particularly useful in the law school environment. It's also amazing how frequently topics I explored in bioethics classes come up in discussions, both in class and in other settings. I would advocate the program for anyone with an interest in these issues specifically or with a more general interest in health care and philosophy.