Sahar Akhtar

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy


PO Box 400780, Department of Philosophy


Sahar Akhtar began teaching in the Bioethics Program and the Philosophy Department at UVA in 2008. Prior to that she was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Political Theory Project at Brown University. She received a PhD in economics at George Mason and a PhD in philosophy from Duke. 

Her research interests are mainly in political philosophy, especially global political philosophy, and bioethics. At UVA, she regularly teaches the courses "Genes, Justice, and Nature" and "Animals and Ethics". Her publications in the field of bioethics include “Animal Welfare and Animal Pain”, recently published in The Oxford Handbook on Ethics and Animals.

Faculty and Staff

Jarrett Zigon

Director of the Bioethics Program, William & Linda Porterfield Chair in Biomedical Ethics and Professor of Anthropology

Sahar Akhtar

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

Ruth Gaare Bernheim

Associate Professor, PBHS Public Health Sciences Administration

James F. Childress

University Professor & John Allen Hollingsworth Prof, Ethic, Department of Religious Studies

Margaret E. Mohrmann

Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Rebecca Stangl

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy