Sylvia Tidey

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Global Studies

Brooks Hall 208

Sylvia Tidey is a cultural anthropologist with an interest in the ethics of care in family intimacies amidst particular socio–political notions of the good life. 

She has conducted a pair of research projects in Indonesia addressing corruption and gender nonconformity. For her dissertation project, Sylvia focused on the effects of anticorruption initiatives on civil service corruption in eastern Indonesia. Her second, ongoing project is examining the intersection of global and local circulations of HIV care and LGBT activism in Indonesia, through the prisms of happiness and gender nonconformity.

Sylvia is working on two book manuscripts based on these research projects. Articles on her research have appeared, or are forthcoming, in American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, and Current Anthropology. 

Sylvia obtained her PhD degree from the University of Amsterdam in 2012, and completed a postdoctoral position at the same university. She obtained her MA degree (with distinction) in 2006 and her BA degree (with distinction) in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology from the University of Leiden.


family, care, corruption, bureaucracy, the state, transparency, opacity, sex, sexuality, (trans)gender, HIV/AIDS, becoming, Indonesia.

Faculty and Staff

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Sylvia Tidey

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Global Studies